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Your knees shouldn’t knock up against the desk, and you shouldn’t have to squeeze your legs in to fit. Getting the right height of your desk and computer screen is important. Align the top of the monitor screen with the user’s seated eye height (when the user has no glasses, wears computer glasses, or wears single prescription lenses). If progressive, bi-focal, or tri-focal lenses are worn, position the monitor so that the neck is neutral (straight) while looking through the glasses to view the monitor. If more than one person is using the same setup, some monitor adjustability may be needed. Choosing a vertically stacked dual-screen setup instead of a standard side-by-side setup might help reduce your neck strain.

work from home ergonomics checklist

Work-from-home, or WFH employees use a working from home checklist to personally evaluate their work environment, identify areas of improvement, and implement efficient work practices. You also need to maintain proper body posture when you are seated. When seated, your hips and your knees should form a 90-degree angle.

Work From Home Checklist

Explores practical ideas and links to improve children’s ergonomics with simple, positive changes. For more information about ergonomic home office design and other ergonomic topics, be sure to check out Weber Knapp’s website. We just redesigned our website to make it easier to find educational resources and information about ergonomic office products. Being able to shift spaces to accommodate your needs and preferences is important for maintaining your focus. At the same time, you shouldn’t sacrifice ergonomics for mobility. Here’s a work from home ergonomics to get you started.

The footrest should be adjustable in height and inclination and provide sufficient area for the feet on the face surface of the nonskid bearing surface so that the feet do not slip off the footrest. A huge portion of our adult lives is spent working; at our desks and in front of our screens. It’s time to start focusing on improving our physical health during work hours Learn more about how Mobile Pixels can make working from home efficient and productive.

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For example, make sure the backrest of the chair has adequate lumbar support. The backrest should be curved to fit around the pelvis and back of the rib cage. It is an effective way to reduce pressure on the spine,causing back pain.

When you pull out of the office parking lot, you can take a deep breath and know you’re free for the rest of the day. But, when you’re already at home, distinguishing where work ends and the rest of your life begins can be difficult. That being said, being stuck in a closet or the attic isn’t the best space either.

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