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If you do payroll in-house, you have to consider all the time it takes to research and follow the correct process of setting it up. Think about managing it, too, and finding ways of automating different processes. You need to collate and enter worker information and learn about a whole lot of other things to do it accurately. Employee payroll taxes are withheld depending on where the work is performed and apply to employees who commute between satellite offices. Payroll outsourcing firms ensure that the responsibilities and complex challenges of processing paychecks in different regions and withholding necessary taxes are done efficiently.

Keep in mind, outsourcing your company’s payroll function doesn’t absolve your firm from its legal responsibilities. It’s wise to keep your organization’s address as the address of record (instead of the payroll provider’s). That way, you’ll receive prompt notice of why you have to file a tax return any issues with your tax accounts. Most payroll service providers offer to schedule a call to discuss your needs and the services they provide. Since you’ve established your needs and budget in the first stage, you can use this stage to vet out some candidates.

On the other hand, it is expected from the company that is the provider to HR outsourcing  to help and provide the resources to the partner, as well as the regular pay to the employees on the payroll. As an employee in the company, having the help from a third party to ensure that the money will be in the bank account at the right time every month. Paysquare is a very matured payroll processing solution and they have well paid down processes to manage first time as well as every month’s processing. Businesses have long capitalized on the benefits of front-office and back-end outsourcing. They even delegate administrative tasks to third-party service providers.

Always factor in what you pay as an employer as a separate line item than what comes out of the employee’s gross pay. You’ll need to withhold federal and state taxes for each employee based on their allowances. Use the IRS Withholding Estimator to determine how much in federal taxes you must withhold for each employee.

Featured payroll software offers

There are a few signs it may be time to think about outsourcing your payroll solution. If your current system causes frequent mistakes, this could become a liability. You may also have a hard time complying with IRS or labor laws, and employees may experience frustration due to long wait times for paychecks.

  • Global payroll providers, like an employer on record (EOR), expertly manage cross-border payroll, ensuring compliance with varying tax laws, labor regulations, and reporting requirements across regions.
  • Businesses have long capitalized on the benefits of front-office and back-end outsourcing.
  • BambooHR stands out as the best overall HR outsourcing provider, offering an all-in-one solution that caters predominantly to small- and medium-sized businesses.
  • What sets BambooHR apart is its emphasis on employee self-service, allowing staff to update personal information, request time off and access company documents.

Outsourcing payroll means giving up direct supervision of at least some of its many processes. Naturally, the quality of payroll outsourcing will vary, but it’s clear many companies still see these third-party payroll managers as more effective than internal capabilities. Mistakes involving taxes or adherence to regulations can be time-consuming and costly to resolve, so there’s a strong incentive to get everything right the first time. “Leaving it to the pros” can be especially beneficial for large companies with complex and burdensome payroll responsibilities. They likely use employees with task-specific training and have all the necessary software on hand. Once information has been exchanged and procedures established, the payroll outsourcing provider begins its actual duties.

This mindset of vertical integration extended into companies’ internal processes as well. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that many companies, hindered by bloated internal structures, began to see broad strategic value in “hiring away” work once completed in-house. Once the possible cost savings of the practice became clearer, there was no turning back. It is quite simple, if you follow a certain blueprint, but to make a decision to trust a third-party with your finances and information regarding employees, is a tough one.

The advantages of outsourced payroll services

In fact, the 2020 Deloitte Global Payroll Benchmarking Survey showed that almost 73 percent of organizations were outsourcing at least some aspect of payroll. Aside from getting paid properly, employees expect to be paid on time. Receiving their salaries late not only demotivates them but also affects overall productivity, leading to a high employee turnover rate.

It allows you to easily administer direct deposit transactions.

Gallup highlights protecting employees’ careers and financial well-being to achieve this goal. Payroll is integral to business operations because it is responsible for paying employees. Well-compensated employees are happy and satisfied with your organization.

Reduces payroll errors

These individuals should be comfortable able to handle the extra workload otherwise it may put on a strain on their productivity. In such cases it is ideally recommended that help be taken from other departments or hire temporary staff to support the implementation. Businesses need to be fully focused on their international expansion if they want to hit their growth targets. Not having to deploy a part of the HR team to take care of payroll means that the internal team has more time to focus on core business activities and drive the expansion project forward. Know the top reasons you should outsource payroll in the next section.

An outsourced payroll provider helps optimize your payroll operation and scale your business. It is a viable solution for tapping into professionals who ensure employees get paid properly and on time. Hiring a third-party payroll provider is also one of the outsourced IT solutions for protecting data and leveraging technology. They do all the heavy lifting with taxes and withholdings for a small fee.

Review and Approve Time Sheets

The Medicare rate is 1.45% for the employer and 1.45% for the employee. Make sure you set aside the right amount from the employee’s gross wages and from your own business account to pay these required taxes. Take the leap and discover the tailored solutions One CoreDev IT offers.

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